Check_mk 1.0.38 for Web Admin, Backup and Simulation

Oct 12, 2009

Mathias Kettner has released his check_mk Nagios plugin in version 1.0.38. New features include a Web-based admin tool, a backup function and a simulation mode.

The check_mk plugin for large Nagios installations adds a small Web app component in the new release. It brings the Multiadmin tool to the Web that enables and disables checks and notifications, acknowledges service problems and schedules downtimes.

Check_mk 1.0.38 introduces a Web interface allowing for checks, notifications and downtime configurations.

Also new is the backup and restore mechanism. The

check_mk --backup

command secures local configuration and runtime data, independent of path or file ownership, to the


directory in a tarball. The


option deletes files not contained in the backup.

The third new feature is a simulation mode whereby target hosts are never contacted during the test run, allowing for drun runs of check_mk installations. It is enabled by setting




in the file.

Kettner also fixed some bugs and modified a few more details for check_mk. Information along with GPL source code, Debian and RPM packages are on his check_mk project page.

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