Clonezilla: Clone for Windows and Linux Machines

Feb 02, 2009

The latest version of the Norton Ghost clone for Linux brings improved support for Windows clients.

Clonezilla enables the cloning of partitions and complete hard drives with the advantage of saving and restoring only the used blocks on the hard disk, storing for example 100GByte in a lot less GByte space. Clonezilla is available as a Server Edition and as a Debian based Live-CD. Next to improvements for Windows users with NTFS data systems, the Spanish and Italian languages have been added, along with faster hardware recognition.

Particularly relevant for Linux users are the bugfixes in the handling of LVM volumes and the waiver of Swap partition reproduction. With the script:, multiple USB pen drives can be loaded from a single image. Clonezilla can be downloaded here (ca. 100MByte).

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