CoreOS Announces Distributed Storage System

Jun 01, 2016

The new Torus distributed storage system is available under an open source license on GitHub

CoreOS has announced a new distributed storage tool called Torus. Torus is a scalable distributed storage system for application containers and cluster orchestration platforms like Kubernetes.

According to CoreOS, many of the available open source storage solutions are not designed for the GIFEE (Google Infrastructure for Everyone Else) approach, which creates massive clusters of inexpensive and small machines. Commercial solutions offer GIFEE functionality, but they can be very expensive and difficult to integrate with other systems.

The goal of the Torus project is to build GIFEE into an open source storage solution. Torus uses the etcd distributed key-value database to store and retrieve file or object metadata. etcd provides a solid, battle-tested base for core distributed systems operations that must execute rapidly and reliably. Torus acts as a building block and enables various types of storage, including distributed block devices or large-object storage.

Torus is written in Go and available on GitHub.

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