Flumotion Streaming Media Server Moves to Python 2.6

Sep 10, 2009

Flumotion, a free server for video and audio streaming over the Internet, was made compatible with Python 2.6 in version 0.6.1 .

Flumotion 0.6.0 was the first stable release in two years to offer new features, while version 0.6.1 that followed shortly thereafter fixed a number of bugs. Prominent among the new features is compatibility with Python 2.6, while Python 2.3 support has been dropped.

Some new enhancements went into the Flumotion HTTP server, which now allows remote seeking of MP4 files, much like Apache's mod_h264_streaming. The server is notified via the HTTP GET parameter start of the starting position in the media file. The new release provides a new GUI for the Playlist Producer component in the GTK administration interface. A new plugin was also added to set the bitrate for media files individually. A detailed list of changes is in the release notes.

Flumotion is under GPL and being developed by Fluendo. The software is in Fluendo's repositories specific to Fedora and Ubuntu package managers, with further details on the download webpage. Source code is also available, although Fluendo recommends not compiling from it as a general rule.

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