Gitg 0.0.6 Supports Cherry-Picking

Feb 22, 2010

Gitg, a GUI program that works with git repositories, is available for download in version 0.0.6.

The new gitg release, among other things, supports the cherry-pick process, whereby git selects the best code from among multiple versions. A few actions can now also be performed via drag-and-drop, such as rebase/merge and the git-format-patch command.

Gitg is somewhat reminiscent of gitk, but should integrate more easily into the GNOME desktop.

Gitg is somewhat like GitX, a free git GUI for Mac OS X, and wants to provide similary features for Gtk-/GNOME. The application provides far from all git requests, but helps in searching through large repositories and executing the important commands.

The program is under GPL and available for download as tarball on the project page. Of course, the GIT repository provides the source code.

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