Linux Kongress: Intel promotes intuitive access to Linux

Oct 11, 2008

In the closing speech of the Linux Kongress in Hamburg, Intel's CTO Dirk Hohndel appealed to the developer community to orientate themselves more strongly on the needs of users.

As an example, he demonstrated the six second boot of a complete Linux on a mobile Eee PC.

Hohndel, who represents Intel products and Open Source strategies, had interrupted his Mexico holiday to attend the Hamburg conference. With him he brought some results from Intel's new project Moblin. The chip manufacturer plans to create a platform for mobile devices, accessible not only for developers but for inexperienced users.

Primarily, Moblin will coordinate individual activities. Intel will provide the infrastructure but it explicitly invites the community to contribute. At present, Ubuntu, Red Flag Linux and numerous other projects are cooperating on the platform. Hohndel promised the company would abide by Open Source Rules and so not only Intel's Atom, but other mobile CPUs like ARM and Via would be included in the project.

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