US Launches New Strategy for Broadband Access

Sep 23, 2015

Report focuses federal resources on achieving universal Internet access.

A new US government report stresses that broadband Internet service is a “core utility,” like telephone and water service. The “Broadband Opportunity Council Report and Recommendations” outlines a broad strategy for achieving four goals:

  • Modernize federal programs to include broadband as an eligible expenditure
  • Create an online inventory of federal assets, such as communication towers, that could help support faster and more economical broadband deployment
  • Streamline application processes to promote competition and support broadband deployment
  • Create a portal for information on broadband funding and loan programs.

Much of the attention is on extending broadband to rural areas where it isn't currently available.

In other Internet news, presidential candidate Jeb Bush announced that he opposes the FCC's Net Neutrality policy and would seek to overturn it if he were elected.

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