CeBIT Open Source 2011 - Project Presentation DAViCal


During CeBIT 2011 open source projects such as DaviCAL, shared calendar and address book storage servers, will have the opportunity to showcase what is currently in active development.

How would you describe your project in one or two sentences?

DAViCal is a CalDAV and CardDAV server which provides shared calendarand addressbook storage for small to medium organisations.

When did the project begin?

I started working on DAViCal in May 2005.

How many active members does the project have?

It's primarily me, but from time to time other people

Why was the project created?

I saw that there was a hole in the market for something that would workwith existing software, but just provide the group calendarfunctionality needed for small organisations. I'd been watching theslow emergence of standards in the area for a few years and they seemedto be starting to come together at that point.

Why should a CeBIT visitor come to your booth?

If they want to talk about calendaring, I'm happy to talk about almostany aspect of it! If people have ideas for things that might benefitfrom having a calendar service integrated into it, or if they are justwondering about what free software is available for calendaring.

Who do you make your software for?

Originally I made it for me! Nowadays I try and make it work for smallto medium organisations who need a calendar, but also for people whowant to add calendar functionality to some other system.

Where do you see your biggest current challenges?

The biggest challenges currently are in the mobile space.

Under which license is the software currently offered?

GPL version 2 or later.

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