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Dmitri Popov
Juggle Files on Android Device with Ghost Commander

Nov 18, 2011 GMT

Using an Android device without a decent file manager is like eating soup with a fork. Fortunately, there are several excellent file managers available on the Android Market: from the simple OI File Manager to the more advanced File Expert. And if you prefer the efficiency of a two-pane file manager, then Ghost Commander is right up your alley. If you are familiar with two-pane managers like Midnight Commander or Krusader, you'll feel at home with Ghost Commander. Its interface makes it supremely easy to work with files, and numeric shortcuts allow you to perform common operations with a single key press. Ghost Commander provides access to...
Manage Remote Linux Machines from Windows Using KiTTY

Nov 17, 2011 GMT

Need to connect to a remote Linux machine or server from a Windows computer? Then KiTTY is your best friend. This Telnet and SSH client is a fork of the popular PuTTY tool that offers several useful improvements. For starters, KiTTY sports the portability mode which allows you to run the tool on a Windows machine without leaving any traces. To enable the portability mode, create a kitty.ini file in the same location as KiTTY, and add the following lines to the file: [KiTTY] savemode=dirKiTTY can save multiple session profiles, and the utility allows you to group sessions into folders, which can be useful for keeping tabs on profiles....
Extension Watch: QR Code Generator for Google Chrome and Chromium

Nov 16, 2011 GMT

When you need to generate QR codes for text snippets and URLs, the QR Code Generator extension for Google Chrome and Chromium can come in rather handy. Once installed, the extension adds a button to the main toolbar. Click on it, and QR Code Generator creates a QR code for the URL of the currently viewed web page. You can then use the text area below to enter whatever text you want, and the extension automatically generates a QR code for the typed text. Click on the QR code, and you can download it as a PNG image to your machine. To do that, right-click on the image, choose Save Image As, and replace the default gen.php name with the...
Run a Simple Web Server on Your Android Device

Nov 15, 2011 GMT

A simple web server running on your Android device is a perfect solution for ad-hoc sharing and publishing files and documents, which can come in handy in many situations. You might be thinking that you need a dedicated app for that, but you can actually roll out a simple web server using a Python script containing only four lines of code. This nifty trick is possible thanks to the Scripting Layer for Android software which enables support for several scripting languages, including Lua, Perl, and Python. So before you can actually write a Python script that turns your Android device into a simple web server, you have to install the latest versions of the SL4A and PythonForAndroid APK...
Set up a Lightweight Wiki in a Jiffy with LionWiki

Nov 14, 2011 GMT

Looking for a lightweight wiki that is easy to install and use? You might want to give LionWiki a try. The core version of this lightweight wiki engine consists of a single PHP file, so you can deploy a bare-bones wiki by simply copying the PHP file to your server. The core version of LionWiki sports essential features like page history, changes tracking, pages renaming, and password protection. For more functionality, go for a full version of LionWiki which sports a handful of handy features and plugins. The bundled plugins add several useful features, including support for comments (and captcha for preventing comment spam), footnotes,...
Keep Your Data Safe with rsync Backup for Android

Nov 11, 2011 GMT

Android users who rely on the rsync utility to keep their data safe on Linux will most definitely appreciate the rsync Backup for Android app which endows an Android device with some serious backup powers. Of course, to make use of this nifty app, you need a Linux-based machine running the openSSH server. Also, if you plan to perform backups outside your local network, you need to make the machine accessible from the Internet. Moreover, the rsync Backup app doesn't include the rsync binaries, so during the first run it prompts you to download them to your Android device. Unlike rsync on Linux, the rsync Backup app offers a simple graphical...
Keep an Eye on Your Server with phpSysInfo

Nov 10, 2011 GMT

Running a server on a local network opens a whole new world of possibilities. You can access your files and documents from multiple machines, stream media, host your own photo gallery or blog, and much more. This also means that you have to monitor your server to make sure it runs smoothly. There are quite a few server monitoring solutions out there, but most of them are overkill for keeping an eye on a single personal server. Enter phpSysInfo, a simple yet powerful script that displays essential system information in an easy-to-digest manner. The best part is that it requires virtually no configuration, and it can be deployed on your server in a matter of minutes. Grab the latest release...

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