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Dmitri Popov
Practice the Pomodoro Technique with Tomighty

Apr 19, 2011 GMT

Devised by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, the pomodoro technique gathered many followers. The popularity of this time management method lies in its simplicity: work on a single task for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. After four 25-minute sessions, take a 15-minute break. Not exactly rocket science. The only thing you need to practice the pomodoro way of working is a timer. You can use a kitchen timer, or you can opt for a more high-tech tool like Tomighty. Similar to an analog timer, Tomighty is not a particularly sophisticated tool. Once activated, it sits in the system tray counting down time. When the time is up, it...
Move from Last Pass to KeePassX

Apr 06, 2011 GMT

Since time immemorial, I've been using the LastPass service and browser extension for managing all my passwords. It worked well for me, but gradually I grew uncomfortable with the idea that all my passwords are managed by a third-party service. So I've finally decided to do what I should have done a long time ago: migrate to the KeePassX password manager. This rather handy utility stores all data in an encrypted database file, and the tool offers a handful of useful features to boot.Moving all my data from LastPass to KeePassX manually was a daunting proposition. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a nifty lastpass2keepass Python script that can convert exported LastPass data to a KeePassX...
Use Hotot from Google Chrome and Chromium

Mar 28, 2011 GMT

If you are using Hotot as your microblogging client of choice, you'll be pleased to learn that this nifty tool is now available as a Google Chrome app. The new version of Hotot works equally well with the Google Chrome and Chromium browsers. One immediate advantage of using Hotot for Chrome is the ease of installation: you can install the app from the Google Web Store with a single click -- no need to fiddle with repositories or compile the application from source. Better yet, thanks to Chrome's ability to sync extensions and apps, you only need to install Hotot once to add it to other Chrome or Chromium instances. Hotot for Chrome looks...
Control Your Graphical Desktop from the Keyboard Using keynav

Mar 25, 2011 GMT

Using the graphical desktop environment without the mouse might seem counter-productive, but try the keynav tool, and you'll see that the idea makes sense -- at least in certain situations. For example, when you don't have enough space to use the mouse, or the trackpad on your netbook or notebook is not really great, keynav can come in rather handy.The way keynav works is pretty clever. When activated using the Ctrl+; keyboard shortcut, keynav splits the screen into four parts, and you use the keyboard keys to "zoom" on a specific area of the screen and then move the cursor to the center of the area. keynav supports the following keyboard shortcuts: h selects the left half of...
Save Web Pages from Android to Instapaper with TLDR

Mar 24, 2011 GMT

There is not much to say about the TLDR Android app. In fact, I wouldn't even call it an app, but rather a utility. But if you are using the excellent Instapaper service, TLDR can prove to be an indispensable tool for saving Web pages from the Android browser to your Instapaper account. Once installed, TLDR acts as a helper tool available via the Share menu. To save the currently viewed Web page, press the Menu button, tap More, select Share page, and tap on TLDP -> Instapaper. Obviously, for this trick to work, you need to specify your Instapaper credentials first using the TLDR Settings item you'll find amongst the installed...
Calculate File Permissions with Ease using chmod

Mar 22, 2011 GMT

I don't know about you, but I often have problems calculating file permissions (probably because I don't do this very often). That's why I find the chmod app for Android rather handy. This app does only one thing: it calculates the correct number combination for specific file permissions. You can use it for the exact opposite, too: enter the desired combination and you should see the corresponding file permissions. The app is free and it weighs only 45Kb.
Archive and Explore Your Tweets with Tweet Nest

Mar 10, 2011 GMT

Tweet Nest allows you to back up your tweets in a MySQL database, and you can use this nifty Web-based application to display and explore you tweets. Tweet Nest runs on the Apache/MySQL/PHP stack, and it's pretty easy to install. Grab the latest version of the application, unpack the downloaded archive, and move the resulting directory to the document root of your server. Make then the inc/config.php writable by the server, and point your browser to your Twitter Nest installation (e.g., A simple wizard guides you through the setup process.Next, you have to point your browser to the URL to load the user...

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