Examining the GroundWork open source monitoring tool



GroundWork is a user-friendly front-end for the Nagios monitoring tool.

When I’m setting up a Nagios system, or each time I have a new customer, I whip out a quick script to add the hosts and services to the configuration files. A scripting approach is fast and easy for an experienced admin who would rather work with vi than click around inside a GUI. However, if I only need to make a small change, it can be annoying to have to log in to the machine and then maneuver through the directories to tweak a single configuration file. In cases like this, a GUI comes in handy, particularly when the GUI is a web browser. Several projects have attempted to create a GUI for Nagios, with varying levels of success. Unfortunately, some of these projects have run out of steam and failed to keep current with changes to Nagios.

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