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Lead Image © Fernando Cortés,

Lead Image © Fernando Cortés,

Article from Issue 223/2019

IoT projects on the Google Firebase platform promise future expandability and features.

For many Internet of Things (IoT) projects, a message-queuing system like Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is all you need to connect sensors, devices, and graphic interfaces. If, however, you require a database with sorting, queuing, and multimedia support, some great cloud storage platforms are available, and one that is definitely worth taking a look at is Google Firebase.

Like any IoT solution, Google Firebase can take various programmatic and sensor data inputs and has a variety of client applications to view the data (Figure 1). However, Google Firebase also offers other features, such as file storage, machine learning, messaging, and server-side functions. In this article, I will:

  • set up a sample Firebase IoT project,
  • use Python to simulate I/O data,
  • create a web dashboard with Node-RED to view and write data,
  • create an Android app with App Inventor to view and write data, and
  • look at a more complex data monitoring example in Python.


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