Control devices on your Rasp Pi network with text messages

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© Lead Image © Valery Kachaev,

© Lead Image © Valery Kachaev,

Article from Issue 211/2018

We show you how to control devices connected to Rasp Pi GPIO pins with text messages from an Android phone.

In places where Internet connections are not possible or too expensive, SMS text messaging can be a simple approach for monitoring and controlling your remote systems (Figure 1). Many of the mobile providers offer Internet of Things (IoT) packages for low data throughput, whereas you'd be looking at spending $1 to $5 per month for 1-5MB of data. From the hardware standpoint, many options come in either a Raspberry Pi HAT or a USB form factor (e.g., digital modem modules).

Figure 1: Control devices with SMS.

For prototyping, an Arduino phone and Node-RED [1] is a great way to jump-start your project.


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