Nmap 4.75 recognizes iPhones and visualizes networks

Sep 10, 2008

"If we are going to call Nmap the 'Network Mapper', it should at least be able to draw you a map of the network! " writes developer Fyodor in announcing the newest version 4.75 of the Nmap security scanner.

Developers have integrated a network topology visualization tool in the Nmap's Zenmap graphical user interface by using RadialNet. And the network scanner now also recognizes iPhones and Wii consoles.

The topology map might, for instance, visualize the number of open ports per scanned host: a red cross symbol means that more than six open ports were detected; a white cross means that Nmap was unable to reach the host. A network administrator can thereby get a quick overview of network hosts having large numbers of open ports. RadialNet shows the distances to the scanned host as grey lines: every line represents a network hop. Routers, switches and WiFi access points appear on the map as colored squares.

Nmap can now draw a plan of a scanned network.

The Nmap services can also record which open ports are offered most often to hosts in the network. Over the summer, Nmap was able to supply this information to larger organizations by scanning a few million IP addresses.

Based on these results, Nmap regularly scans only a thousand TCP and UDP ports, compared with the previous 1,715 TCP ports and 1,488 UDP ports. This step should accelerate the Nmap scanning in that the thousand ports remain on a hit list based on the gathered data. Even a scan for the "-F" option captures only the one hundred most crucial ports instead of the previous thousand or more.
The Nmap developers have brought their database of discovered operating systems up to date for a period covering March through July of this year. Nmap recognizes more than 1,500 signatures and can identify Apple iPhones and Nintendo Wii consoles. The network mapper also cooperates with Windows 2000.

The list of enhancements is considerably long and includes numerous bug fixes and changes to the Nmap Zenmap user interface. The Nmap 4.75 Changelog provides a complete overview and the software can be downloaded from their Download page.


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    Great THANK YOU, fyodor - keep ours eyes open!
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