Workspace: Funambol Open source syncing, simplified

Nov 12, 2008

Keeping contact and calendar data in sync across devices and applications is not a new problem, but it is still a problem. Funambol offers an open source syncing solution.

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Zarafa Linux groupware server natively serves Outlook clients

Nov 12, 2008

Zarafa replaces Microsoft Exchange on a Linux server and collaborates with Outlook thanks to native MAPI support.

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IMAP Proxies Managing mail traffic with an IMAP proxy

Nov 05, 2008

IMAP proxies like Perdition, Imapproxy, and Cyrus Aggregator help distribute mail to multiple IMAP servers. We examine some options for IMAP proxy in the Linux evironment.

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OpenTimetool Offers Module for Mobile Devices

Oct 29, 2008

OpenTimetool, a GPL-licensed project time recording tool is now available in version 2.2.2. A new module is ready for mobile phones and PDAs.

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Better Printing with Gutenprint 5.2.1

Oct 28, 2008

The Gutenprint project develops filters for the Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) to operate with a range of commercial printers. Gutenprint 5.2.1 is now available with numerous changes and improvements.

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EU Commission: Open Bids Favor Proprietary Software

Oct 22, 2008

In a recent report of the European Union's IDABC agency, numerous software tenders in Europe run against regulations in that they favor proprietary software. If it were up to the IDABC, the tendering organizations would be liable for these practices.

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Sync-Tool for Linux and Blackberry in Beta Test

Oct 09, 2008

Information Appliance Associates have started a beta test program of a synchronization tool for Linux and Blackberry.

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Identity Management from Sun: OpenSSO Enterprise

Oct 03, 2008

Sun Microsystems provides its own solution for identity management called OpenSSO. The software is available free as Open Source and becomes a Sun product with added support and services.

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