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A More Modern Man Page

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Explainshell aims to make documentation more accessible.


Peek Inside

© Lead Image © Marina Andrienko,

Forensic experts can't just delete a sketchy file – sometimes the challenge is to see what is in it without triggering an attack. Learn about some of the tools investigators use for analyzing suspicious files.


Math Magic

© Lead Image © chachar,

MathLex lets you easily transform handwritten math formulas to digital format and use them on the web.


DIY Imager

© Photo by Raj Rana on Unsplash

If you are looking to customize your Linux distribution, we show you three graphical front ends for creating bootable ISO images.


Linux Servers Targeted by Akira Ransomware

A group of bad actors who have already extorted $42 million have their sights set on the Linux platform.


TUXEDO Computers Unveils Linux Laptop Featuring AMD Ryzen CPU

This latest release is the first laptop to include the new CPU from Ryzen and Linux preinstalled.


XZ Gets the All-Clear

The back door xz vulnerability has been officially reverted for Fedora 40 and versions 38 and 39 were never affected.


Canonical Collaborates with Qualcomm on New Venture

This new joint effort is geared toward bringing Ubuntu and Ubuntu Core to Qualcomm-powered devices.


Linux Usage Increases in Two Key Areas

If market share is your thing, you'll be happy to know that Linux is on the rise in two areas that, if they keep climbing, could have serious meaning for Linux's future.


Vulnerability Discovered in xz Libraries

An urgent alert for Fedora 40 has been posted and users should pay attention.


Canonical Bumps LTS Support to 12 years

If you're worried that your Ubuntu LTS release won't be supported long enough to last, Canonical has a surprise for you in the form of 12 years of security coverage.


New Pentesting Distribution to Compete with Kali Linux

SnoopGod is now available for your testing needs


Juno Computers Launches Another Linux Laptop

If you're looking for a powerhouse laptop that runs Ubuntu, the Juno Computers Neptune 17 v6 should be on your radar.


ZorinOS 17.1 Released, Includes Improved Windows App Support

If you need or desire to run Windows applications on Linux, there's one distribution intent on making that easier for you and its new release further improves that feature.

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