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The Scientist's Linux Toolbox

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Linux and science are a natural fit. These are a handful of essential software packages both for getting work done and presenting it to others.


Cheers! Celebrating 20 years of Linux Magazine

Editor-in-chief Joe Casad reflects on the enchanting 20-year story of Linux Magazine.


Ghost Hunter

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How do you find a process running on a Linux system by start time? The question sounds trivial, but the answer is trickier than it first appears.


Lock It Up

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Lockdown mode makes your Linux system more secure and even prevents root users from modifying the kernel.


Lock It Up

Lockdown mode makes your Linux system more secure and even prevents root users from modifying the kernel.


Tweak Talk

If you are looking for ways to speed up your Linux, consider this collection of curated performance tweaks.


System76 Launches Ryzen-Powered Laptop

The new System76 Serval WS includes a powerful AMD Ryzen CPU.


Lenovo Upping Their Linux Support

Lenovo is now offering full certification and Linux preinstalled hardware.


Tuxedo Computers Joins the Ryzen Bandwagon

Tuxedo Computers has released the Tuxedo Boot BA15 with an AMD Ryzen 3500 CPU.


Linux Apps on Windows Is Coming

Linux GUI apps will be coming to Windows Subsystem for Linux.


Interactive Cheat Sheet

When the history function fails and the manpage is too long, navi comes to the rescue with an interactive cheat sheet for the shell.


Shedding Weight

For older computers with 32-bit processors, BunsenLabs Helium offers a lean alternative to popular Linux distributions. Our lab investigates how well the system performs on antiquated hardware.


Official Evernote Client Coming to Linux

The most widely-used note-taking app is coming to Linux.


Thanks to Linux, Google and Valve are Bringing Steam to Chromebooks

In yet another win for desktop Linux, Google and Steam are about to up the Chromebook gaming field.

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