Write for Us!

Write for Us!

Linux Magazine is looking for authors to write articles on Linux and the tools of the Linux environment. We like articles on useful solutions that solve practical problems. The topic could be a desktop tool, a command-line utility, a network monitoring application, a homegrown script, or anything else with the potential to save a Linux user trouble and time. Our goal is to tell our readers stories they haven’t already heard, so we’re especially interested in original fixes and hacks, new tools, and useful applications that our readers might not know about. We also love articles on advanced uses for tools our readers do know about – stories that take a traditional application and put it to work in a novel or creative way.

Topics close to our hearts include:

  • Security
  • Advanced Linux tuning and configuration
  • Internet of Things
  • Networking
  • Scripting
  • Rasp Pi projects
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Open protocols and open standards

If you have a worthy topic that isn’t on this list, try us out – we might be interested!

Please don’t send us articles about products made by a company you work for, unless it is an open source tool that is freely available to everyone. Don’t send us webzine-style “Top 10 Tips” articles or other superficial treatments that leave all the work to the reader. We like complete solutions, with examples and lots of details. Go deep, not wide.

General Guidance

Articles are usually about 800 words per page, although code listings and images will reduce this.

Because we sell in many countries and translate into other languages, try not to write in slang or use too many idioms. Try to plan ahead. By the time the magazine reaches your desk it has gone through many stages: production, printing, and distribution. This means if you say something will happen next week in an article, in the magazine on your desk that date has already passed.

Please read more about Formatting your text.


Describe your idea in 1-2 paragraphs and send it to: edit@linux-magazine.com.

Be sure to include "Proposal" or "Manuscript" in the email subject line.

Please contact the Managing Editor with any questions regarding proposals or manuscripts. 

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Linux Magazine content is made possible with support from readers like you. Please consider contributing when you’ve found an article to be beneficial.

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