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Record screencasts with VokoscreenNG

Jul 05, 2020

The VokoscreenNG screencast tool offers many options but is still surprisingly easy to use.

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Testing Waterfox, a Firefox alternative

Jul 05, 2020

Waterfox, a fork of the Mozilla Firefox browser, is designed for greater speed and privacy, as well as compatibility with older add-ons. We consider two versions of the Waterfox browser and what they have to offer.

Build with Blocks

Creating apps with PHP blocks

Jul 05, 2020

Build simple PHP applications quickly with ready-to-use blocks.

Holy Guacamole!

Client-free remote desktop

Jul 05, 2020

Use Apache Guacamole to connect to remote servers from within a web browser.

Speedier Scripts

Easy steps for optimizing shell scripts

Aug 04, 2020

Shell scripts are often written for simplicity rather than efficiency. A closer look at the processes can lead to easy optimization.

Hacking Free Software for Creative Writing

Free Writing Tools

Oct 12, 2020

Some tools designed for programming can also be very helpful for writing fiction. A few to look at include personal wikis, random word generators, and version control tools.


Manage Flatpak, Snap, and AppImage packages with bauh

Jun 11, 2020

The bauh package manager can cope with Flatpaks, Snaps, AppImages, AUR, and native web apps.

Cyber Gardener

Water your plants with a Raspberry Pi

Jun 11, 2020

An automated watering system comprising a Raspberry Pi Zero W, an analog-to-digital converter, and an inexpensive irrigation kit can help keep your potted plants from dying of thirst.

Your Virtual Store

Setting up an e-commerce OpenCart system

Jun 11, 2020

With OpenCart, a free, open source e-commerce system, you can put a store online in a matter of minutes.

A Troubadour's Life

Play along with ChordPro

Jun 11, 2020

If you play a stringed instrument and want to record lyrics and chord changes, ChordPro gives you an elegant and convenient approach to getting it all on paper.

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