Platform Agnostic

Designing cross-platform GUI apps with Fyne

Jun 30, 2023

The Fyne toolkit offers a simple way to build native apps that work across multiple platforms. We show you how to build a to-do list app to demonstrate Fyne's power.

Truth Teller

Network knowledge at your fingertips with NetBox

Jun 30, 2023

NetBox is a single source of information on your network where you can store all those important details that used to get lost.

Learning Experience

Artificial intelligence on the Raspberry Pi

Aug 03, 2023

You don't need a powerful computer system to use AI. We show what it takes to benefit from AI on the Raspberry Pi and what tasks the small computer can handle.

DIY Imager

Creating custom ISO images

May 22, 2023

If you are looking to customize your Linux distribution, we show you three graphical front ends for creating bootable ISO images.

Simpler Content Management

Flat-file content management systems

May 02, 2023

Not everyone needs a conventional database content management system. For beginners and smaller websites, a flat-file content management system offers ease of use, while eliminating attack vectors.

Flexible First Aider

All-around system maintenance tool

May 02, 2023

No other operating system offers as many free tools for system maintenance and data recovery as Linux. Snal Linux combines these tools to create a compact Live distribution.

Data Protection

­Three strategies for better backups

Sep 11, 2023

To protect your data, you need to do more than schedule regular backups. Here are three often overlooked strategies that can help make your backups more accessible, secure, and reliable.

Math Magic

A web-based math entry system

Aug 03, 2023

MathLex lets you easily transform handwritten math formulas to digital format and use them on the web.

Traffic Rules

A simpler packet filter

Apr 04, 2023

Filter rules for firewalls can be tricky. As the successor to iptables, nftables simplifies the process of creating and maintaining firewall rules.

Automatic Update

Flatpak updates with systemd

Apr 04, 2023

You can automate Flatpak updates without a package manager using systemd's services and timers.

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