Programming Snapshot – ChatGPT

Let an AI chatbot do the work

Apr 04, 2023

The electronic brain behind ChatGPT from OpenAI is amazingly capable when it comes to chatting with human partners. Mike Schilli picked up an API token and has set about coding some small practical applications.

Koodo Reader

An intuitive, cross-platform ebook reader

Jul 10, 2023

The Koodo Reader features an intuitive interface and customizable display options, making it a serious contender in the Linux ebook reader space.

Call Home

Remote access from the outside with DWS Remote Control

Feb 05, 2023

DWS Remote Control offers convenient browser access to computers outside of your home network.

Package Exchange

Swap snaps for Flatpaks with unsnap

Feb 05, 2023

If you want to move away from Ubuntu's Snap package format, the unsnap script removes snaps from your computer and replaces them with Flatpaks where possible.

Apt on Steroids

An improved front end for Apt

Jan 02, 2023

The Nala front end for Debian's Apt package manager combines the reliability of the Apt tools with easier to read output and speedier downloads.

Sync or Swim

Synchronize your data across multiple devices with Syncthing

Jan 02, 2023

If you need a cloudless solution for syncing data across multiple devices, Syncthing could be just the thing.

Font Freedom

A Guide to Open Source Fonts

Jun 06, 2023

With so many open source fonts available, how do you choose the right one? We provide an overview of the most common open source fonts along with some tips on choosing the best one to meet your needs.


Logseq links thoughts like synapses

Nov 28, 2022

Logseq, a knowledge database note-taking app, emulates its better-known competitor Roam Research and even outperforms it in some instances.


Tips for mixing safely

Nov 28, 2022

A little caution can save you hours of frustrating work (plus, options for mixing gone awry).

Designer Pages

Page styles in LibreOffice Writer

May 17, 2023

LibreOffice Writer goes beyond most word processors and lets you define page styles. Here are some tips to get you started designing professional looking documents.

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