Sizing Up Partitions

Exploring partition options

Jun 28, 2022

Looking at partition choices for different situations, plus resizing.


Jul 02, 2021

This month Graham looks at Penpot, ProcMon, diskgraph, Shaarli, Music Radar and more!

Phone as Linux PC

Running Linux apps on Android without rooting your phone

Jul 02, 2021

UserLAnd lets you run Linux applications on your Android phone – all without replacing Android OS.


Create cross-stitch templates with KXStitch

Sep 27, 2021

KXStitch lets you design cross-stitch patterns with the option to automatically convert imported images.

Easy Does It

Cross-platform game and app development for new programmers

Sep 27, 2021

Ren'Py helps you create Android, Linux, macOS, Windows, and HTML5 games and apps.

Distro Walk – Redcore Linux

Bringing Gentoo Linux to the masses

Sep 27, 2021

With its point-and-click installation, Redcore aims "to be to Gentoo what Manjaro is to Arch Linux."

Get Smart

Explore the possibilities of Ethereum's smart contract feature

Feb 03, 2022

The Ethereum cryptocurrency system lets you build programs into the blockchain to orchestrate complex transactions and document results. We'll show you how to get started with Ethereum's smart contracts.

Little Brother

Doas authenticates as a simpler version of Sudo

Sep 27, 2021

The Sudo privilege management tool is big and complicated, with many advanced options that only an expert would need. Doas is far simpler – which might just make it safer for desktop users.

Hardened Choice

Data encryption with SiriKali

Sep 27, 2021

SiriKali encrypts files and directories with just a few mouse clicks, without the inefficiency of fixed-size containers.

Tutorial – HedgeDoc

Write, share, and publish documents with HedgeDoc

Sep 27, 2021

HedgeDoc lets you write documents collaboratively in Markdown and publish them online.

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