Secure Cloud

Store data securely in the cloud with Cryptomator

Dec 23, 2019

Cloud services often place little value on data encryption. With Cryptomator, you can easily and transparently encrypt your data locally before uploading to the cloud.

Eye in the Pi

Video surveillance with the Raspberry Pi

Dec 23, 2019

Set up a professional video surveillance system armed with motionEyeOS and a Raspberry Pi.

Tutorial – Desktop Bash

Creating a simple laptop notification

Mar 02, 2020

With Bash, keeping a task simple often means using several different tools that all do their jobs well. Here's an easy, effective way to create a notification for when your laptop is unplugged.

Small Talk

Deploy a real-time collaboration server

Oct 30, 2019

Openfire is an instant messaging and group chat server that lets users communicate via the popular XMPP standard.

Push Yourself

Get push notifications with Gotify

Nov 26, 2019

Replace proprietary cloud-based push notification services with a self-hosted open source notification solution.

Boot Story

Breathe new life into an old computer with PXE boot and TinyCore Linux

Nov 26, 2019

Implementing PXE boot with TinyCore Linux lets you boot a computer over the network – a great solution for revitalizing old computing hardware.

The Status of Universal Package Systems

Competing Standards

Mar 30, 2020

Billed as the future of package management, universal package systems like Snappy and Flatpak have failed to live up to their promise.

Distribution Point

Sort and organize media files with Mediapurge

Oct 30, 2019

If you have a download folder full of photos and music, Mediapurge can help you sort files and even remove duplicates, but beware of its quirks.

Key Keeper

Data Security in the AWS Cloud

Oct 30, 2019

As a cloud market leader, Amazon Web Services has had to  put a great deal of thought into data security. Encryption options and key management play an important role.

Slippery Shell

Current status of the Oil shell

Oct 30, 2019

With its innovative scripting language, Oil, the Bash-compatible Oil shell aims to make life easier for script developers.

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