Fire Protection

Simplify your firewall setup

Sep 27, 2021

Canonical's ufw lets you configure your firewall without the hassle of the iptables tool, while reducing the risk of misconfiguration and simplifying maintenance.

Mass Distribution

Simultaneously flashing multiple USB devices

Sep 27, 2021

If you need to flash the same image to multiple USB media, Popsicle saves time by letting you write in parallel.

File Diet

Remove unnecessary files with Czkawka

Aug 30, 2021

Czkawka helps find and remove duplicate and obsolete files to free up valuable disk space.

Sight Saver

Preventing computer eye strain

Mar 07, 2022

If you work or study from a home office, you probably sit at your computer for hours without a break. Safe Eyes reminds you to take regular breaks and take care of your eyes.

Tutorial – Wekan

A kanban-based workflow management system

Mar 07, 2022

Wekan lets self-organzing teams manage a project's workflow by tracking task ownership and progress visually.

One Liners

A Bash web server

Aug 02, 2021

With one line of Bash code, you can create a Bash web server for quickly viewing the output from Bash scripts and commands.

Tutorial – Setting Up a VPS

A VPS from start to finish

Aug 02, 2021

If managing a server on your own network doesn't appeal to you, then a virtual private server might be the answer.

Disk Usage

Fast tools for checking disk utilization

Aug 30, 2021

Three modern tools, gdu, godu, and duf, make the task of checking the utilization level of hard disks easier thanks to fast execution speed and a good graphical implementation.

What’s Old Is News Again

The Return of the Tiling Window Manager

Mar 08, 2022

Tiling desktops have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Here are a few options that can help keep your desktop better organized.

Roll Your Own

Creating custom Ubuntu images

Aug 02, 2021

With a little planning, Cubic makes customizing Ubuntu ISOs simple and intuitive, saving you time on your post-install modifications.

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