• Doghouse – Starting Out

    Free and open source software can be intimidating at first; a little guidance can help you on your way.

  • Keep It Safe

    BorgBackup and the Vorta graphical front end take the stress out of creating backups.

  • Apt on Steroids

    The Nala front end for Debian's Apt package manager combines the reliability of the Apt tools with easier to read output and speedier downloads.

  • Watering Pi

    With a Pi Zero and a few components, you can build an inexpensive and reliable automatic watering system for your plants in next to no time.

News and Articles

  • Well, OK, I Guess?

    The topic of non-free firmware has caused some turbulence within the Debian project, but now the community has a new direction.

  • Shrink Ray

    The Minuimus Perl script helps you save disk space by reducing the file size of PDF files with just a few commands.

  • Zack's Kernel News

    This month in Kernel News: Bug Tracking

  • FOSSPicks

    Over the past couple of months, Graham's ever-versatile Steam Deck has synced books to an e-reader, played movies on a television, joined Mumble, recorded two podcast episodes, and even played a few games.

  • Doghouse – Software Freedom

    Restricting uses for FOSS may seem appealing, but it also might not be the solution some imagine.

  • Angry Reviewer

    The Angry Reviewer style check can be used to evaluate and improve any type of writing, including academic articles and grant applications.

  • On the DVD

    MX Linux 21.3 and Puppy Linux FossaPup 9.5

  • Welcome

    The elite gathering known as Davos is not an ordinary business convention. The annual conference of the World Economic Forum is an uber-exclusive event, not a meeting of governments but rather a gathering of representatives from around 1,000 member companies – the biggest companies in the world – along with a smattering of political leaders and academics.

  • Solar Power Leashed

    A forecast service and some Perl magic help predict the solar power yield of a residential photovoltaic array.

  • Debian Clone

    In the right circumstances, apt-clone can be a simple option for cloning your Debian system.

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