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From disk to paper

LINUX VOICE: Tutorial – Printing in the Shell free

LINUX VOICE: Organize your photo collection with Geeqie Art Sorted free

Preparing an object for 3D printing

LINUX VOICE: Print Ready free

3D Designer

LINUX VOICE: Tutorials – OpenSCAD free

Librem 5 and Ubuntu Touch

Mobile Desktop Innovation


Recent news of Ubuntu Touch being ported to the Librem 5 phone promises innovation for mobile desktops.

Location, Location, Location

LINUX VOICE: Tutorial – gpsd free

LINUX VOICE: Instant Android Apps free

DIY GPS Tracking for Your Android Device

Productivity Sauce


A Foto Finder: A Lightning Fast Photo Browser for Android

Productivity Sauce


Marble Maps Open Beta Released and It Looks Rather Promising

Productivity Sauce


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