Asus Eee PC 1000HE with 9.5-Hour Battery

Feb 03, 2009

Asus is taking pre-orders for a new netbook that runs on the combined Atom N280/GN40 chipset.

According to and the Asus website, the new netbooks are equipped with a 160-GByte hard drive, 1 GBye RAM and a 10" display with LED backlighting. For communication with the outside world the 1000HE runs over an 802.11n wireless network adapter, Bluetooth and a webcam (no details yet). The netbook has three USB ports, a card reader, VGA output and the usual Ethernet ports. It should cost around $400.

The interesting part of the Asus netbook is the new CPU. The Atom N280 processor from Intel runs at about the same rate as its predecessor (1.66 GHz), but also integrates the GN40 graphics chipset. By this combination the graphics and CPU use only 2.5 Watts of power. In comparison, a traditional netbook with an Atom N270 and GMA945 graphics core uses around 6.5 Watts. Because of this change and a markedly larger battery pack (6 cells with 8700mAh), the netbook can run 9.5 hours without a recharge.

Windows and/or Linux?

Asus has not yet come out with an official statement about the netbook's OS. Rumors will fly whether it will be Windows XP, Moblin or even Android. Asus accredits the 1000HE with a fast startup time, which hints at Linux., on the other hand, offers the 1000HE preloaded with XP Home.

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  • EEEBUNTU - A fully customised, out-of-the-box Linux for your EeePC

    Here's another Ubuntu-based distro specifically for the EeePC market.

    EEEBUNTU - A fully customised, out-of-the-box Linux for your EeePC


  • other asus eeepc's support linux

    tweeks, calm down. asus DOES support ubuntu, pre-configured, on the vast majority of their eeepc models. whether this one will work with linux is the question folks are asking here.
  • I refuse to support a vendor that does not support Linux!

    This is a really nice looking little unit.. But I'm sick of seeing Windows only options here folks! I refuse to buy an MS-laptop and format/install Linux myself. Not that I'm not able.. I'm simply DONE with dealing with windows-only vendors, AND flushing the $100 XP license every time I buy an MS laptop that I'm just going to turn around and install Linux on. Forget it folks! You've had time to get it together.. and I'm done!

    My last laptop purchase was from Linux Certified. These folks do it right. I picked up this sweet little 12" WXGA unit preinstalled with Ubuntu (all hardware WORKS out of the box), and it's SWEET.. AND came with free email support for a year! I don't know if I can tout vendors here.. but these guys Rock:
    (plus I got to customize the component set!)

    Give me an OEM installed & configured Linux laptop or get out of the way and let me pay a vendor who will!

  • Linux for a Windows XP Asus EEE 1000H

    Try EasyPeasy (its Ubuntu for Netbooks):

    Actually most modern Linux-Distributions, such as Fedora 10, OpenSuse 11.1 and Debian 5.0 run flawlessly on netbooks.
  • Linux for a Windows XP Asus EEE 1000H?

    Hello, Group!

    I picked up the WinXP version of the EEE a few days ago, and I am wowed by its performance. It's a great little laptop. However, I'd like to add Linux as a dual-boot system.

    Does Asus have Linux available for download from its support site? If not, which of the many Linux distros do you folks recommend? Looking for something that'll install for a noob with a minimum of pain...

    73 DE N4RPS
    Rob Sargeant
  • RE: Asus 1000HE Ram slots

    It has only one slot for memory - but is is easy to get to . . .

    I always use <a href=""> aa rechargeable batteries</a> to cut down on costs. Makes so much more sense that using normal batteries and throwing them away once they are all used up. Don't you think this is a better choice?
  • RAM slots?

    How many slots are there for RAM on this netbook? I was looking at getting two 2gig sticks, but I don't know if it can take both sticks.
  • Asus Netbooks

    Two issues need addressing here...
    1) Microsoft's specifications limiting memory and storage on Netbooks. This is indeed the case as far as I can tell. But I have to wonder however why Microsoft gives a damn about what memory and storage limits a PC maker decides their Netbooks around.
    2) Microsoft's maximum memory specifications for Netbooks running XP and XP's maximum addressable memory space are two totally different things. XP can indeed address up to ~3.4GB of RAM and access MUCH larger HDDs.
    Can't we all just get along without getting nasty?
  • editor's note

    Update: I took down the most recent three comments, which all included name-calling and/or profanity. Although we love to get reader feedback, we do want to maintain a professional tone on our site.
  • linux on eee pc 1000he

    By the looks of the asus site, it's windows xp home How hard is it to get a refund on a licence from Asus?
  • Windows or Linux

    If I am not mistaking 160GB and 1GB of RAM are exactly the limits for WindowsXP (higher disk or RAM requires Vista). So I wouldn't be suprise to at least see it with XP.

    Lets hope there will also be a Linux version.

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