Name Suggestions for Fedora 12 in Place

Jun 08, 2009

Shortly before the release of Fedora 11, (aka Leonidas), the Fedora team has 5 suggestions for the name of the next codename.

Individual Fedora versions are christened by the community with each new name logically connected to its predecessor. In the case of Fedora 11 (Leonidas) and Fedora 10 (Cambridge), both are names of ships in the US Navy. For Fedora 12, says Nigel Jones in his announcement, from almost 80 suggestions, five have been put up for the vote:

  • Chilon (famous Spartan)
  • Constantine (community in Michigan)
  • Orville (first name of the Gibson guitar maker, connection: Leo Fender)
  • Rugosa (a kind of rose)
  • Umbria (a class of spaceship in Star Trek and a region in Italy)

The election starts today and ends June 22. Voters must have a signed CLA (Contributor License Agreement). A complete list of suggestions, including their logical connections, can be found in the Fedora-Wiki. Results will be published June 27.

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