New SV1T Eee Videophone with Touchscreen (gallery)

Sep 11, 2009

ASUS's 7" display is now touch-sensitive. The source code for the Linux device's Qt interface is downloadable.

The ASUS Eee SV1 videophone made its first appearance in January 2009, but without a touchscreen. The newer release adds a "T" onto the end of the model name. Other specifications from ASUS remain the same. The Internet phone, which unlike the recently available Glass desktop VoIP phone with touchscreen comes without a handset, is available at certain outlets for about $280.

Nokia welcomes the Eee videophone because ASUS from Taiwan depends on Qt for its user interface. An ASUS spokesperson clarified to Linux Magazine Online that the first generation Eee videophones use Qt 4.4, while the second should use Qt 4.5. The graphical interface is under LGPL and the source code is available for download.

Gallery (5 images)

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  • GUI toolkit (plain old Qt 4.5.0) can be downloaded, not the GUI itself

    The Open Source archive for the new model includes the (LGPL'd) Qt 4.5 libraries with some small mods, but no "GUI". Since Qt is being used under LGPL, they don't have to release code that calls it.

    The older non-touchscreen model was apparently under 4.4 (from the article), which was not available under LGPL, just GPL and commercial license. Since they didn't include the GUI or Qt in the open source package for the older model, one must infer they used Qt 4.4 under the commercial license.
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