Google Wave: Framework and Prototype

Jul 28, 2009

Google developers are giving out about 40,000 lines of Java code for two components of the Google Wave browser software.

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Scientific Linux 4.8 with SquashFS and UnionFS

Jul 23, 2009

The Scientific Linux enterprise platform is available in version 4.8. Next to those from the upstream, downloads can be single packages.

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Openmoko Gets New Life in Brazil After Being Declared Dead

Jul 14, 2009

Thanks to Jon "Maddog" Hall the Openmoko project has got a new stimulus: a Brazilian university has offered to partipate in Openmoko development. The blessing of the Brazilian government could lead to new Openmoko models.

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Linux for Series60 Mobile Phones

Jul 14, 2009

Because Lukas Hetzenecker couldn't find a Linux alternative to Nokia's PC suite, he proceeded to write his own with Python and Qt4. The result is now available in version 0.3.

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Neatx: Google Releases Its Own NX Server

Jul 09, 2009

Internet giant Google is now entering the terminal server market. With Neatx, its own Python adaptation of the FreeNX sources, a GPL server has recently become available.

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Dovecot 1.2 IMAP Server with New Plugins

Jul 08, 2009

The new IMAP and POP3 server Dovecot is available in version 1.2. It supports further extensions of the IMAP protocol and provides new plugins.

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Intel and Nokia to Stir Up Mobile Market

Jul 03, 2009

Market research firm Gartner sees Intel's mobile processor platform as a serious contender with Qualcomm and Texas Instruments due to its recent collaboration with Nokia.

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VFAT Patch to Bypass Patent Issue

Jun 30, 2009

Developer Andrew Tridgell has made known that he devised a patch to avoid the possible patent issues with the VFAT filesystem in Linux.

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