Exploring KDE’s Kbfx alternative menu


Article from Issue 74/2007

The alternative Kbfx menu offers flatter navigation and some interesting extras.

The Kbfx [1] project started when Siraj Razick decided to program an alternative to the K menu. The legacy design of the K menu reminded him too much of Windows 95. Razick decided to reorganize the hierarchical K menu to avoid the need to navigate multiple menu layers to access a pro gram. The author refers to this kind of menu as a "flat indexed menu." Installation The Kbfx developers have ready-to-run packages of Kbfx for users of Kubuntu, Fedora Core, OpenSuse, Slackware, Debian, and Gentoo; you can use your distribution’s package manager for the install. The Kbfx binaries are also avail able on the Internet [2].

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