Exploring the new Rasp Pi Model  B+


The many improvements that have been made in the Raspberry  Pi Model  B+ represent an important step forward for the Rasp Pi community, even though the advancements made in CPU performance and main memory are not exactly revolutionary (see the "Forecast for New Rasp Pis" box). The price is unchanged for the model  B+, and software changes like Maynard, the Wayland-based desktop, will be made soon. The Model  B+ has an open GPU drive, a faster browser with HTML5 video support, and new hardware options, which means the Rasp  Pi is sure to be a favorite embedded system for quite some time.

Forecast for New Rasp Pis

Raspberry **Pi Model **A+: The reworked version of the basic Model A is already at the starting gate. It will be available in stores by the end of the year. The Rasp Pi  A+ uses the fundamental layout of the model  B+, and therefore also has four USB ports, but it still does not have a network interface. However, this means that power consumption is reduced and this is good for those users who rely on batteries to use the Pi as a portable device.

Displays and Display Adapter Board: For a long time now touch displays have been available for the GPIO port of the Rasp Pi. The foundation itself will introduce display adapter boards in two sizes that would both come with a touch display. The displays establish contact with the Rasp Pi via the DSI display connection, a flat flex connector labeled DISPLAY (B+) or S2 (B), the companion piece to the camera connection. The GPIO pins are therefore available for other tasks. Additionally, the displays profit from the hardware acceleration of the SoC.

Raspberry **Pi **2: Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, mentioned in a podcast interview  [7] that the planning for a successor with a completely new SoC is underway. The CPU should have a better clock rate, more cores, and more work memory. However, you will have to wait at least until Christmas 2016 before the next generation comes to market.

The Author

Maximilian Batz is CEO of the Rasp Pi Internet Shop pi3g (http://www.pi3g.com), which specializes in complete, pre-configured Raspberry Pi sets with custom software solutions and matching accessories. His goal is to make the innovative miniature computer accessible to everyone.

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