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Even if your Android device has plenty of free storage space, you might experience low storage warnings every now and then. This is especially true for mid-range and low-end devices. This happens because the system uses the available space for caching app data. The solution is simple: If your device is running low on storage space, you need to clear cache. To do this, you'd normally go to Settings | Storage and clear cache manually, but Cache Cleaner [10] can save you a bit of time and effort (Figure 11).

Figure 11: Avoid running low on storage with Cache Cleaner.

When you launch Cache Cleaner, it analyzes all installed apps and presents you with a detailed overview. You can then empty the cache by tapping on the appropriate button. It's also possible to configure the app to clear the cache automatically on system startup or when you launch or exit.

Most of the time, you don't need to monitor CPU and memory usage, but when you do, AnotherMonitor [11] is just the tool you need (Figure 12). It gives you a detailed overview of CPU and memory real-time usage wrapped into a slick interface and complete with a nice-looking graph. The utility lets you record the monitoring session and save it to a .csv file. You can also add specific processes to the monitoring session. To do this, tap the Choose other process(es) button, select the processes, and tap OK. To remove a process from the list, long-tap on it.

Figure 12: Keep an eye on CPU and memory usage with AnotherMonitor.

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