On the DVD

On the DVD

Article from Issue 191/2016

Remix OS for PC and Gentoo Linux

On the DVD

Two Terrific Distros

Double-sided DVD!

Remix OS for PC (64-bit)

Remix OS is a PC-optimized version of a native Android OS that comes out of the Android-x86 open source project [1]. The distro prides itself on its speed, and the developers claim it will run on any computer and breathe new life into old hardware. The Remix folder on the DVD contains a TXT, ISO, and EXE file [2]. If you want to dual-boot Remix on an Ubuntu installation, a YouTube video will help you get started [3], along with the instructions on the XDA Developers site [4]. To set Remix up in VirtualBox, just choose Linux as the Type and Other Linux (64-bit) as the Version. Allow Remix to use about half of your RAM, and give the virtual hard disk about 16GB. A YouTube video can help you with this setup, as well [5]. If you have a Windows box and want to dual boot Remix OS, the developers supply an EXE file, which you can use along with a video on the Remix OS website [6].


Gentoo Linux (Live)

Gentoo Linux [7] is a free operating system that can be automatically optimized and modified for just about any application or need. The developers of Gentoo believe in performance and configurability, so you can customize each element and application for your specific desktop needs and preferences. Gentoo Linux depends on the Portage package manager, which "… provides compile-time option support (through USE flags), conditional dependencies, pre-package installation summary, safe installation (through sandboxing), uninstallation of software, system profiles, and configuration file protection" [8].


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