Social networking the FOSS way with Diaspora

Quality over Quantity

A final word on this social network is that, beyond the code, Diaspora users in the nature of things tend to be more technically competent and privacy conscious. This means that there is a distinct lack of pictures of small animals, encouragements to copy/paste status updates, or dubious videos of celebrities.

Older users may remember the early days of the Internet when a certain degree of effort and knowledge was mandatory to get online. All that extra effort meant people didn't go to the trouble to post unless they had something important to say. This is also an important rejoinder to critics who may compare Diaspora's relatively miniscule user base of 1 million users to Facebook's one billion. Quality trumps quantity every time.


  1. Marauder's Map:
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Nate Drake is a freelance journalist specializing in cybersecurity and retro tech.

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