Encrypt files and folders with TruPax 9


TruPax gives you the ultimate tool for encrypting smaller datasets that you want to access on the go. The software impresses with its fast and stable functions and its intuitive interface that eliminates visual overkill. The 256-bit AES encryption feature reliably backs up the data and safeguards it from prying eyes.

Moreover, TruPax is compatible with VeraCrypt, which makes it much more flexible than a proprietary volume format, so you can access your data on computers that only have VeraCrypt in place – even if it's a Mac or Windows machine. TruPax is thus recommended without restrictions for smaller datasets on removable storage.


  1. True Goodbye: 'Using TrueCrypt Is Not Secure', by Brian Krebs: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2014/05/true-goodbye-using-truecrypt-is-not-secure/
  2. VeraCrypt: https://veracrypt.codeplex.com
  3. TruPax: https://www.coderslagoon.com/

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