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Article from Issue 210/2018

Going cross-platform.

Many Linux users secretly hope Linux will one day be the only operating system in the world, but we all know that day hasn't happened yet. Talking to other systems is part of the challenge of working with Linux. This month, we introduce you to NitroShare, an easy tool that lets you exchange files and directories across Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and Android systems.

And speaking of Android…what is it? A whole different system, or just another kind of Linux? The beauty of open source software is that you can mold and customize it anyway you like, but despite the similarities, coding for the Android environment is not exactly like coding for Linux. This month we show you how to build an Android app with minimal programming using Jasonette, a tool that lets you create a complete Android application with a single JSON file.

What about Android and Linux working together, like Master and Blaster? Have you ever wished you could use your phone's GPS capabilities to add location services to your computer? We've got that too. Read on to learn how to set up the Linux gpsd daemon to receive GPS data from an Android device.

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