Linux Voice Introduction

Linux Voice Introduction

Article from Issue 227/2019

This month in Linux Voice.

Photos are so easy now. Your camera is in your phone, and your phone is in your pocket or purse, following you around through streets and alleys, restaurants, and chance meetings with friends. The photos you take on your daily travels make their way to websites, Facebook pages, email messages, and personal image archives.

All these photos can pass by your eyes without taking much of your attention, but if you're someone who likes to pay attention, the Linux world has a multitude of tools to assist with your photo efforts. Some of the most popular applications are probably already on your system – or at least in easy reach from your distro's repositories. This month, we review some photo tools you might not know about.

Also this month, we explore TaskBook, a handy task manager for the command line, and we introduce you to Mastodon – a free social microblogging platform for FOSS-minded bloggers.

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