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Article from Issue 227/2019

Many users still find it difficult to regularly back up their data. Thanks to restic, and its graphical front end, Restatic, a backup is quite easy to manage – even for a beginner.

Creating data backups for emergencies has always been one of the most unpopular tasks in the home office. The available applications mostly target enterprise use and spoil the fun with feature overkill, or they are simply too complicated to use for occasional backups. A small command-line program by the name of restic [1] proves that there is another way, and it is suitable for many different scenarios.

Restatic is a graphical user interface (GUI) for restic designed for home users who don't want to mess with a command-line interface. The Restatic front end is currently under development, and you'll need to install it separately.

Restic can store data on the local PC, as well as on a computer on the home network or in the cloud. It encrypts all the data with AES256 regardless of where they are stored, ruling out viewing by unauthorized third parties. In addition, the software is extremely fast as it eliminates any graphical overhead, and this makes it interesting for occasional users, too.


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