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Article from Issue 231/2020
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Cloud services often place little value on data encryption. With Cryptomator, you can easily and transparently encrypt your data locally before uploading to the cloud.

Cloud services provide a convenient and cost-effective alternative to local storage, especially for users who want to access their data from anywhere. However, many cloud providers do not pay sufficient attention to data security. They often store unencrypted data in the cloud as well as transferring the data without encryption. This paves the way for hackers to sniff for authentication data to access a cloud account and then spy on the data.

State institutions, such as intelligence services or investigative authorities, can also view this unprotected data. In addition, this kind of sniffing is often legal, especially in countries where data protection is of little importance. Cryptomator [1], a program developed by the German company Skymatic, puts a stop to this data espionage by encrypting your data transparently. Since Cryptomator's source code is licensed under the GPLv3, built-in backdoors are eliminated.


Cryptomator works as a local server that processes the data to be encrypted on a virtual drive integrated by the Filesystem in Use (FUSE) module on Linux. If FUSE is not available, the software uses WebDAV instead. Cryptomator always encrypts the data with a 256-bit AES key and a MAC master key, generating the keys using scrypt technology [2]. In contrast to many other cryptographic programs, Cryptomator not only encrypts the file contents, but also their metadata. In addition, it changes the file size, which makes it difficult to draw conclusions about a file's content.


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