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© Lead Image © Corina Rosu, 123rf.com

© Lead Image © Corina Rosu, 123rf.com

Article from Issue 231/2020

This integrated development environment for Gnome offers several features gedit lacks.

Have you ever tried to knock a nail into a wall with a screwdriver or drill a hole with a saw? Of course not: You know to use the right tool. Then why would you use Gnome's gedit as your integrated development environment (IDE)?

When it comes to global searching, Git integration, and an integrated terminal, Gnome Builder is the right tool for programming in a Gnome environment. Gnome Builder emerged from a crowdfunding campaign [1] in 2015, but many developers still don't have it in their toolbox. Gnome Builder 3.34, released with Gnome 3.34, deserves its turn in the spotlight [2].

You can launch Gnome Builder directly from the application menu (see the "Installation" box); it starts up with a wizard that opens the last project you used or clones known Gnome applications like calendars, files, or photos (Figure 1). Alternatively you can start a new project by clicking on Start New Project… or clone any other project on the computer by selecting Clone Repository…. After importing, the system automatically offers to download the software development kits (SDKs) required to build your project.


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