Teaching Three Times

Doghouse – Education

Article from Issue 241/2020

Free and open source solutions have huge potential for use in high school and college education. So why aren't schools using more of them?

All the upheaval around COVID-19 has at least one bright spot. Many conferences have moved to being "virtual only." While the time and effort to create and promote these conferences can still be considerable, the monetary cost is dramatically reduced, so many of them have shifted from charging for admission to a sponsorship-only model. Therefore they are offered to attendees for the "price" of accessing them over the Internet. And, the organizers record the talks so people can view them later.

From my viewpoint, this gives me the chance to reach out to many more people with the message of Free and Open Source Software, Hardware, and Culture (FOSSHC).

Recently at a virtual conference we were discussing education, and once again I showed my frustration regarding universities (and even high schools) not using FOSSHC for teaching.


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