Securely encrypt passwords with Nitrokey Pro 2


Article from Issue 252/2021

The Nitrokey Pro 2 is a small device that covers a wide range of cryptographic functions.

The small and inconspicuous Nitrokey Pro 2 is a digital door opener: You can use the Nitrokey's password safe to securely lock up your access credentials, and you can generate one-time passwords for more secure logins to online services. An integrated OpenPGP card lets you encrypt and sign emails. (See the article on the OpenPGP smartcard starting on p. 18 in this issue.)

You can purchase the Nitrokey Pro 2 for around EUR50 via the manufacturer's online shop [1] (Figure 1). The online shop is also where you will find the Nitrokey Storage 2, which provides the same functions as the Nitrokey Pro 2 but also includes encrypted storage capacity ranging from 16 to 64GB. Depending on how much storage you need, the Nitrokey Storage 2 costs somewhere between EUR109 and EUR199.

Figure 1: Use the Nitrokey Pro 2 like an OpenPGP smartcard. You can also generate one-time passwords and store access credentials. If you opt for the Nitrokey Storage 2, you will have access to encrypted storage of up to 64GB. © Nitrokey GmbH


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