Opening doors in the tech industry

Doghouse – Out of Poverty

Article from Issue 256/2022

Hiring the best candidates for tech jobs and increasing diversity and opportunities in the industry go hand-in-hand.

Several topics have come up over the past couple of weeks, and most of them have to do with the "Technology Industry."

The first is the simplest. It is represented by a conversation that was started by a friend of mine when he said two people had come up to him in the past week and basically said, "I am tired of living in poverty; I am going to 'learn tech'."

This was a recognition that in their current line of work they were making minimum wage, and they saw that programmers, systems administrators, and others "in tech" were making a comfortable living at something which (barring mental incapacity) they might do for the rest of their lives. And they wanted that type of job, that type of life.


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