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© Lead Image © donatas1205, 123RF.com

© Lead Image © donatas1205, 123RF.com

Article from Issue 265/2022

The Nibble kit by CircuitMess is a freely programmable mobile game console that makes getting started with microcontroller programming a breeze.

The Nibble kit by CircuitMess [1] comes with everything you need to build a portable game console. It even includes a soldering iron to solder the buttons. The lead-free solder included in the kit will easily last for several more projects. The kit also includes a simple screwdriver for assembling the case, and you won't hear this very often: The batteries are included (Figure 1).

The kit is suitable for children from nine years up, but as my test shows, older users can have fun with the kit, as well. The very detailed and easy-to-understand instructions explain all the build actions step by step. In some places, links to online videos lend further help. The assembly instructions are available for download on the manufacturer's site in several languages [2]. The Nibble kit helps users acquire a number of skills, starting with the simple act of assembling the housing, to soldering, to programming the microcontroller in C.

The core of the kit is the ESP8266 microcontroller. The maker community very much appreciates this little device, not least because of its integrated WiFi interface, which is why you will see it used in many projects, including one I wrote about WiFi sniffing [3]. That article also has an installation guide for the Arduino environment.


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