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Article from Issue 267/2023

Skrooge is an accounting program that organizes and gives you a better overview of your private finances.

Anyone who wants to bring order to their personal finances and reveal potential savings will appreciate a good financial management program. Skrooge [1] was developed specifically for managing private finances. It helps you to record your income and expenses, arrange them by categories, and evaluate them graphically. The project name is based on the character Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens's novella A Christmas Carol.

The current version of Skrooge is 2.28.0 from July 30, 2022. The program was originally developed for KDE, but it also runs on other desktop environments. Most distributions already have Skrooge in their package sources, so you can install it conveniently via the package manager. However, the repositories do not always give you the latest version. You can get this as an AppImage, Flatpak, Snap, or as a source code package from the project's download page [2].

After completing the install, you can launch Skrooge by clicking on the appropriate icon, in the shell by typing the skrooge command, or use the following command for Flatpak:


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