Manage MySQL with Consummate Ease Using SQL Buddy

Dmitri Popov

Productivity Sauce

Jan 19, 2011 GMT
Dmitri Popov

phpMyAdmin is probably the most popular Web-based tool for managing MySQL databases, but it is definitely not the only fish in the sea. In fact, if phpMyAdmin's interface is not your cup of tea and the tool itself is overkill for your needs, then you'd be better off using something like SQL Buddy. This lightweight tool sports a slick user-friendly interface that puts all essential management features at your fingertips. Better yet, SQL Buddy is ridiculously easy to install. Grab the latest version of the application, unzip the downloaded archive, move it to your server, and SQL Buddy is ready to go.

As any database management tool worth its salt, SQL Buddy lets you create, edit, and remove databases as well as work with tables and records. Using the Users feature, you can manage existing MySQL users as well as add new ones. If you are proficient in SQL, you can use the Query section to specify and run SQL queries. The Import feature lets you import a database from an SQL file, while the Export function allows you to do the exact opposite. SQL Buddy provides extensive support for keyboard shortcuts, so you can operate the tool without the mouse. All in all, if you occasionally have to deal with MySQL databases, SQL Buddy can prove to be a handy tool.

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