Protect Sensitive Data on Android with Secret Space Encryptor

Dmitri Popov

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May 14, 2012 GMT
Dmitri Popov

Storing sensitive data like passwords and confidential information on your Android device unprotected is risky to say the least. Fortunately, the Secret Space Encryptor (SSE) app can take good care of your precious data. Using it, you can securely store passwords, encrypt text messages, and encrypt individual files and entire folders. The app offers several strong encryption algorithms, including 256-bit AES, 256-bit Serpent, and 256-bit Blowfish.

SSE consists of three modules: Password Vault, Message Encryptor, and File/Dir Encryptor. The Password Vault module allows you to safely store passwords and organize them into folders. In addition to that, you can pick a distinctive icon for each folder and assign color labels to items in the folders. The module also features a handy password generator which can help you to create strong passwords with a minimum of fuss. The app sports an export feature that can be used to save the entire password vault as a .pwv file. You can then import the file back into SSE using the import function. This way, you can back up your password vault and transfer it between multiple devices.

The Message Encryptor module can be useful for encrypting text notes. You can paste the existing text from the clipboard, encrypt it, and copy it back to the clipboard. Alternatively, you can save the note in the built-in database for later use.

Finally, the File/Dir Encryptor module can come in handy for encrypting files and folders. Encrypting and decrypting files and folders couldn't be easier: pick the desired file or folder in the built-in file browser and press the Encrypt/Decrypt button. Use the same procedure to decrypt an encrypted file or folder.

All of this makes SSE a must-have tool for security-conscious Android users. The app is released under an open source license, and you can install it from Google Play Store free of charge. In other words, you have no excuses for not giving SSE a try.

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