Use Chromium and Chrome Browsers as Timers for the Pomodoro Technique

Dmitri Popov

Productivity Sauce

Oct 28, 2015 GMT
Dmitri Popov

To practice the Pomodoro technique you need one thing: a timer. And there are plenty of timer tools and applets out there designed specifically for the Pomodoro technique. But you don't need to install a dedicated timer software to practice the Pomodoro technique. If you happen to use Google Chrome or Chromium as your preferred browser, you can use the set timer for search query to activate a timer in a separate window or tab. Just run the set timer for 30 minutes search query to start a timer.

Of course, this little feature is not limited to the Pomodoro technique, and it can come in handy in many situations: from brewing a perfect cup of tea to doing exercises.

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