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World Wide Web-Women

Jun 12, 2009 GMT

I'm a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due, and as a journalist, I have a fear/paranoia of accidentally lifting someone else's content without giving proper attribution. Of course, in the news business, we're all sharing a lot of the same actual news, adding our own spin for our particular readership or angle. And when you work for an international publishing company like we do, things can get particularly interesting. One of the many women in our field who tends to fly below the radar is our news editor, Britta Wuelfing. If you were at LISA last year, you might have seen her running around conducting interviews or (wo)manning our camera for our live streams. Back in...
Upcoming events, reports, and sightings

Jun 09, 2009 GMT

Event season is upon us! What events are you attending or organizing? Or did you decide to volunteer at an event this time around? Celeste Lyn Paul presented at and posted a report about the recent Open Source Systems 2009. And this week, our blogger Bruce Byfield is attending Open Web Vancouver, where Angie Byron will be among the many interesting speakers. If you'd like to save some $$ off registration to this event, the first 10 people to register with the code LinuxProMag get a 25% discount. SouthEast LinuxFest is also this weekend, and openSUSE's Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier is giving the keynote. Wait for it... There's even more this weekend! Writing Open Source is being...
Recognizing women in your community

Jun 02, 2009 GMT

Rick Turoczy posted a blog yesterday called Awesome women in tech: Selena Deckelmann and Audrey Eschright. In his blog, he recognizes these two women for their contributions to the Portland tech community. Rick writes, "Take some time to recognize their efforts and be thankful for what you’ve got. I know I’m thankful we’ve got Selena and Audrey doing what they do. And Portland is all the better because of it." Have you recognized the women in tech who are contributing to your community? Don't let them fly below the radar, and don't forget to tell them that their efforts are appreciated.
Anita Borg Institute Study: Diversity in Technology

Jun 02, 2009 GMT

The Anita Borg Institute unveiled recent study results that indicate women and minorities are underrepresented in the field of technology, particularly in senior-level positions. According to the study, Obstacles and Solutions for Underrepresented Minorities in Technology, unequal access to technology in education plays a big role: "Starting at the K-12 level, underrepresented students are more likely to be in school districts lacking the resources for a rigorous computer science curriculum." The study points to other factors that lead to this shortage of minorities and women, including narrow perception of available career paths, bias and stereotyping starts early and...
OSBR: Women in Open Source issue

Jun 01, 2009 GMT

I'm so happy (thrilled, really) to have been the guest editor for the June 2009 issue of The Open Source Business Resource: Women in Open Source. Inside this issue you'll find articles by Cathy Malmrose, Cat Allman, Angela Byron, Emma Jane Hogbin, Audrey Eschright, Stormy Peters, Melanie Groves VonFange, Selena Deckelmann, and Amanda McPherson. I owe a big thanks to Dru Lavigne for asking me to be a part of this cool issue, and to all the women who spent their time and energy writing such great articles. Even though the theme of this issue is Women in Open Source, the articles are useful for anyone interested in the world of free and open source software. More than just women, the...
Economical Training

May 29, 2009 GMT

In her Ask Jo column on the Anita Borg Institute site, Jo Miller offers suggestions for training employees when there's no training budget. Her suggestions are: Learning exchange: employees share notes about what they learned at past conferences or training events Lunchtime workshops: employees lead training sessions and share their expertise or invite other people to come speak Speakers: find someone who is marketing a book or program to come speak or teleconference Volunteer: volunteer to speak at an event, be a panelist, etc. Webinars: employees can gather in a conference room and watch an economical webinar together Mentors: engage a mentor Read her...
Linux New Media Launches Ubuntu User Magazine

May 28, 2009 GMT

(Lawrence, KS, USA: May 28, 2009) Linux New Media USA, LLC, announces the launch of a new print publication, Ubuntu User magazine. Canonical's popular Ubuntu operating system continues to win followers around the world, and Ubuntu User is the first print magazine specifically for this rapidly growing audience. "Ubuntu is popular with software developers and IT professionals, but it is also a hit with hobbyists and other desktop users who are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Windows and don't want the restrictive hardware policies of Apple," says Joe Casad, Editor in...
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