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Oct 02, 2009 GMT
Rikki Kite

Our blogger and columnist Bruce Byfield wrote a follow-up to the FSF mini-summit of women in free software. At Ohio LinuxFest last week, I spoke briefly to Deb Nicholson about the summit and it sounds like the "mini" nature of it worked well. Stormy Peters wrote about the mini-summit on her blog and she points to the mailing list for folks who are interested in this event and its outcome.

Stormy Peters is one of many women attending the Grace Hopper Women in Computing conference this week and she's also covered it on her blog. Busy busy! Let me know who else is covering the Grace Hopper event because I'm sorry I'm missing it and I'd love to read more about it and link to coverage here.

Over on Amber Graner's blog you can read interviews with some of the people behind recent FLOSS events. Today she posted an interview with Alan Hicks, one of the people behind Southeast Linux Fest. Amber ran off with my camera at Ohio Linux Fest and took some great photos for me while I was holding down our booth, and it looks like someone else snapped some good shots of her and other Ubuntu users at OLF.

Speaking of Ubuntu users, we launched our first blog on our Ubuntu User magazine site. Our editor in chief, Joe Casad, and I have enjoyed working with Marcel Gagné over the years, back in our Sys Admin magazine and days, and more recently on Linux Pro Magazine and Ubuntu User. You can read Marcel's first post – U Done Me Right. U Done Me Wrong – on his Orbiting Planet *buntu blog.

I assume you've heard of the Geek Feminism Blog by now, but on the off chance you haven't checked it out yet, you should. There's a little something for every geeky person, including blog posts and roundups of links, a variety of guest posts (including the thoughtful Responding to Offensive Presentations at Conferences post by Selena Deckelmann – WTF cakes really are underutilized), and plenty of reader participation in the comments.

Carla Schroder was one of the many people who participated in LinuxCon via live stream and video archives. Check out her article about Mark Shuttleworth's Radical Vision over on LinuxPlanet.

I'm sure I'm missing a whole lot of other great things going on right now, so shoot me an email or leave me a reminder in the comments. It's been a crazy busy few weeks in the world of open source, hasn't it?

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