Secret Chain

Anonymity with ProxyChains

Sep 25, 2023

If you want to stay anonymous on the web, you don't need the Tor browser or a Tor-based distro like Tails. ProxyChains obscures your presence through proxies – with or without Tor on the back end.

Cleaning Apt Cache

What to do when Debian's Apt archives are full

Jan 09, 2024

Full Apt archives might be unexpected, but there are a few solutions if you encounter the issue.

Out in Space

Program in the cloud with GitHub Codespaces

Oct 30, 2023

Imagine you want to build a program from the source code and discover that your distribution lacks the tool and software package versions you need to do so. Instead of using your own virtual machine, you can now switch to GitHub Codespaces.

The Dealer

Creating a graphical Python app with CardStock

Aug 23, 2023

CardStock provides a simple development environment for building a Python graphical application.

Peppermint OS's Single-Site Browsers

Dec 19, 2023

SSBs on Linux and when they may be most useful.

Friendly Fork

AlmaLinux promises continued RHEL compatibility

Nov 28, 2023

Recent policy changes at Red Hat have upturned the RHEL clone community. AlmaLinux charts a new path by shifting to binary compatibility and away from being a downstream RHEL build.

Names Have Been Changed

Bulk renaming files with the rename command

Aug 23, 2023

The rename command is a powerful means to simultaneously rename or even move multiple files following a given pattern.

Control Center

Tipi home server manager

Aug 03, 2023

Tipi gives you complete control of more than 100 applications and services. A mouse click is all it takes to install the apps.

In One Fell Swoop

Central system updates with Topgrade

Aug 03, 2023

Topgrade detects all the package managers installed on a system and executes them one by one at the command line.

Formatting with LibreOffice

The case for styles

Nov 15, 2023

Learning how to use styles in LibreOffice can save you hours of formatting and let you focus on your writing.

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